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Caldichem: Your multifunctional, non-ionic surfactant

The Caldichem SU 300 series is a range of special surface active agents for your most demanding applications. These surfactants can be used to solve many common formulation problems and offer great advantages in a variety of applications through their unique combination of performance features.

What is a surface active agent?

A surfactant is quite a special substance. It reduces the surface tension of a liquid, and increases its spreading and wetting properties. By wetting hydrophobic surfaces you can disperse them in a water based formulation.  This means it mobilizes and combines materials such as organic pigments,  solvents, binders  and water  that would otherwise not mix because of their chemical properties. 

The many advantages of Caldichem SU 300 Series

The Caldichem non-ionic surfactant is based on acetylene-diol chemistry. It contains two hydrophilic and at least two hydrophobic parts in a single molecule, making it a more dynamic  surface-active than comparable surfactants with only a single hydrophilic or hydrophobic part.

Caldichem SU 320, the core product of this product line, has a unique chemical structure that ensures multifunctional properties, such as the reduction of surface tension in simultaneous foam destabilization. Depending on the coating, ink or adhesive  formulation our Caldichem surfactant can -with minor effects on water sensitivity-  offer several advantages:

  • non-ionic, so it can be used in anionic or cationic binder systems
  • good wetting abilities because of low surface tension 
  • quick migration due to multihydrophilic parts
  • good defoaming effect in contrast to standard non-ionic surfactants like alcohol ethoxylates
  • no cloud point because the molecule does not form any micelles, giving a clear solution at any temperature  
  • prevents re-agglomeration because of its dispersing properties  
  • thermal stability
  • chemical stability from pH=3 to pH=12

Usage in various applications

Our Caldichem SU 300 surfactant series can be used in various applications and end products, including varnishes, coatings, adhesives, inks, paper coatings, fountain solutions, latex immersion solutions, metal processing fluids and oil field chemicals. Colorant production, pigment and dispersion production, textiles and cements are also part of this wide range of utilization.

Although Caldichem is primarily used for water-based systems, it can also applied in selected solvent-based and solvent-free systems. Download our solution sheet with standard mixtures and product characteristics here.  Custom blends with different solvent-based and a different percentage content can be provided by and are available on request.

Do you want to know what value our Caldichem surfactant can add to your business? Contact our specialist Henry van der Meer  for more information per email