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Caldic: Your full-service Pharma Distributor

Around the world, we connect the supply of and demand for pharmaceutical products and services. But we go beyond supplying customers with pharmaceuticals like API’s, excipients and intermediates. We also offer filling and repacking services, regulatory support, sampling, quality control, audits and clean room services. Indeed, we cover the entire supply chain, which makes us your full-service partner in Pharma.

Sourcing Pharmaceutical ingredients

We pave the way so you can easily bring your generic pharmaceutical products in finished dosage form to the market. Whether it is in solid form like a tablet- or capsule-, or a liquid application like a solution or injection; we source high quality active pharmaceutical ingredients, excipients, pharmaceutical Intermediates and specialty solvents for all purposes. Thanks to our local sourcing office in Shanghai we can perform professional audits and act in the most flexible and efficient way to get you the products you need.

Staying ahead of developments in Pharma

  • Innovative product development

  • Enhancing customer formulations

  • Support in complex synthesis of new active pharmaceutical ingredients

The pharmaceutical industry is developing rapidly and it is crucial to stay ahead of these developments. Based on applications and our know-how of the market, we give absolute priority to co-operation on new innovative products and product optimization. We enhance customer formulations by offering support from the beginning of the process to develop new and highly potent drugs, and support customers in the complex synthesis of new active ingredients.

As a full-service pharma distributor, Caldic offers different services for the Pharmeceutical industry

Our Clean Room services

In our Clean Room services we manipulate and pack excipients like propylene glycol and glycerin. Thanks to this Clean Room we can guarantee high quality products, excluding all possible contaminations during manipulation of the product. Besides allowing us to take samples in a clean and controlled environment, this sample booth also offers the newest, state-of-the-art safety equipment to protect the operator.

Pharmaceutical Regulatory Support

We understand choosing the right partner for your pharmaceutical products is crucial to the success of your business. We are well aware of all stringent legal requirements imposed on the pharmaceutical industry and can offer regulatory support for both the Human -and Animal Health industry. When choosing Caldic as your partner, quality control and documentation are a matter of course.

Would you like to know what we can do for your business in the pharmaceutical industry? Feel free to contact us for more information.