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New Product Developments shown at FIE 2017

30 November 2017

New Product Developments shown at FIE 2017

100% egg free for bakery and savoury applications, veggie mix to create own veggie meatballs, burgers or dishes, clean label en protein rich products: new product developments from Caldic's own application centres providing the world with green solutions.

At FIE 2017 - Europe's largest exhibition for Food Ingredients-, we presented some of our latest developed solutions. Based on market trends and customer needs, we have developed new solutions that perfectly fit the upcoming 'Healthy lifestyle'. Food Ingredients Europe was the perfect place to bring this to the market.

At the stand we served Clean Label Ice Cream, made from a compound coloured by orange and with a scent of Christmas. Our application services help you formulate your own solution – no matter the mix of flavor, filling, taste, and sweetness preferred – all in one compound.

Download more information about Clean Label compounds:

SOLUTION Clean Label compound Ice Cream

We found many visitors enthusiastic about our 100% egg-free solution. The use of eggs in an industrial environment involves costs and/or usage of liquid ingredients. The cost of eggs is fluctuating a lot. Replacing eggs can offer the benefits of using dry ingredients only and potential lower costs.

Download more information about Egg Free:

SOLUTION Egg-Free Cupcakes

We also presented our protein enriched sausage roll. One single sausage roll (a typical snack from the south of The Netherlands, called ‘worstenbroodje’) of 100 grams provides 20 grams of protein, contains low fat lean chicken meat and the bread is made of whole grain flour.

Download more information about Protein Rich:

SOLUTION Protein enriched sausage roll

Our 4th solution was our own developed veggie mix. Using the veggie mix is a simple way you can offer vegetarians and flexitarians a variation on the menu, while maintaining a "cooking-from-scratch feeling".

Download more information about Veggie Mixes:

SOLUTION Gluten Free Veggie