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Appointment Business Development Director Base Chemicals

09 November 2016

New role implies strategic decision for further development base chemical activities

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Mr. Roger Collis in the new role of Business Development Director Base Chemicals. Mr. Roger Collis is currently Managing Director at Caldic UK Ltd. and will formally start in this role as of 1 January 2017 at Caldic B.V., the holding of the Caldic Group. This new role underlines the company’s strategy to be an outstanding partner with a focus on the performance and success of our customers’ processes and products.

The distribution of (bio-based) base chemicals is an important part of Caldic’s business. It includes the distribution and accompanying services for solvents, acids and alkalis for a wide range of markets. This newly formed function is a natural consequence of the strategic decision to further develop base chemical activities on a continuing basis. 

Mr. Olav van Caldenborgh, CEO at Caldic B.V.: “With the appointment of Roger Collis as Business Development Director Base Chemicals we are confident about the continuation and expansion of our base chemical business in Europe. This role will ensure that we will be better able to join forces within our network of entities and offer a wide range of innovative base chemical solutions in the market. By understanding our customers’ challenges throughout Europe, we are better able to support them in optimizing their end product”.

Mr. Roger Collis shares Caldic’s innovative and customer focused vision and he is eager to take up all challenges that lie ahead. He has significant international experience in the chemical industry, starting in 1986 with Sheppy Chemicals as an account manager, who were acquired by Caldic in 1988 and subsequently became Managing Director at Caldic UK in 1990.  Mr. Roger Collis will continue to take on the responsibility of Managing Director Caldic UK Ltd. until a successor is found, temporarily taking on both roles at the same time.

“Having worked at Caldic for over 30 years, I have overseen the growth of Caldic from a small business to prominent distributor in the market”, states Mr. Roger Collis.  “To now be appointed as Business Development Director Base Chemicals is an exciting new challenge in which I will aim to further stimulate Caldic’s organic growth. I look forward to work together with our supply partners to further develop the sales of their products in the European market”