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02 January 2020

Celebrating our 50th Anniversary

Caldic officially celebrates its 50th anniversary on 7 September 2020. On this date it will be 50 years ago that Joop van Caldenborgh founded a small chemical trading company named Caldic. A lot has changed since then and Caldic has expanded globally. As we are truly proud of where we are today, we are aware that we would not have achieved this milestone without our people, our customers and our suppliers.

Our history

This milestone deserves a look back at our rich history; from the start in 1970 until today, where we have become a leading full-service distribution partner by creating value and by delivering innovative solutions within the Food, Health & Personal Care and Industrial markets. 


1970 - 1980

 1970 Establishment of Caldic as a classical trading company, based in Rotterdam 
 1974 Caldic embarks on production activities, with the acquisition of Wigleven which later becomes Caldic Chemie
 1978 Expansion to Germany, our first entity abroad

1980 - 1990

 1980 Acquisition of Heybroek en Co’s from which Caldic Nederland was established - which later becomes Caldic Benelux
 1982 Expansion outside of Europe, establishment of Caldic Thailand. The office is based in Bangkok and focuses on the chemical distribution of industrial chemicals, chemical specialties and fine chemicals
 1985 New (Food) Business; expansion is not only taking place geographically, but also in terms of product portfolio. Caldic starts distributing Food Ingredients. In the same year, Caldic Belgium is established by acquiring Donck in Belgium
 1988 Expansion to the UK by acquiring Sheppy Chemicals Ltd and expansion of product activities in Rotterdam port by opening a formaldehyde factory, with a capacity of then 30,000 tons 

1990 - 2000

 1991  Further increase of capacity with the new Caldic Europoort plant, situated in the center of the Rotterdam port area
 1993 FExpansion in Germany; with the acquisition of Weinstoch & Siebert, Caldic becomes the producer of Furex. Caldic is also expanding its product portfolio by acquiring Van Gelder Compagnie and becomes a specialist within the technical sector - from 1998 known as Caldic Techniek and based in Rotterdam
 1996 Expansion in France by acquiring Ducancel et Herbert and opening of new plant in the UK: a brand new tank terminal in Chesterfield
 1997 Acquisition of the French Fiprochim and its affiliated companies in France, Spain, The Netherlands, Italy and the UK

2000 - 2010

 2006 Expansion in Asia with first chemical activities in Shanghai. In the years that follow Caldic will expand further in China and also to Vietnam
 2007 Olav van Caldenborgh becomes CEO of Caldic. His father and founder of the company becomes Chairman of the Supervisory Board
 2009 Expansion of food ingredients in the Nordics; in the chemical sector Caldic further expands in the UK  and China. Storage capacity of Caldic Chemie Europoort is increased to a total of        172,500 m3

2010 - 2020

 2012  Expansion of food activities in North America by acquiring Nealanders, the largest acquisition in our history so far. Also Caldic New Zealand is established 
 2014 Caldic launches its own silicone brand for silicone solutions: Calsil
 2015 Acquisition of The Ingredient company, adding know-how of flavor and functionality to finished products in North America. Another expansion in the Nordics follows by acquiring the R2 Group A/S, an independent Nordic player offering food ingredients and chemical solutions for the Industrial and Health & Personal Care markets
 2017 Newly built offices, warehouses, R&D food lab and test kitchen in Italy and expansion in specialty chemicals with acquisition of Elastomerics Limited in the UK 
 2018 Expansion of food activities with the acquisition of Acatris, a prominent supplier of ingredients, services and solutions to the Food Processing industry based in Bunschoten, The Netherlands 
 2019 Expansion of European footprint by entering French Food Ingredients Industry with the acquisition of Arlès Agroalimentaire. Caldic sells its Dutch tank storage and production facilities of Caldic Chemie in Europoort. This decision represents a pivotal step in executing on Caldic’s strategy to focus more on solution-driven distribution activities within the Food, Health & Personal Care and Industrial markets


Celebration of our 50th anniversary! After 50 years, Caldic has become a leading full-service distribution partner by creating value and by delivering innovative solutions within the Food, Health & Personal Care and Industrial markets. With companies in North America, Europe and Asia Pacific we look forward to strengthening our organization, our relationships and the services we deliver. 
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