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Supported by teams with in-depth market know-how we have solutions to cover the highly demanding restrictions and regulations of this sector. We offer support with the development and improvement of your business. Having access to a wide variety of products, from emulsifiers, glycols through hydrocarbons and special amines, we provide tailored solutions which add value.

Learn morre about The novel TexCare® SRN 260 Life from our Partner Clariant

Sustainability plays a role in many parts of our lives and more consumers are looking for environmental-friendly cleaning products. Considering Laundry Detergents, the need for sustainability is reflected in the desire to use renewable ingredients with a low impact on the environment. In order to waste less energy, the washing temperatures are steadily decreasing, whilst consumers expect not to compromise on the washing performance.

The novel TexCare® SRN 260 Life is a soil release polymer based on non-tropical raw materials and has a renewable carbon index of ~80 %. It builds a shield against stain, shows outstanding performance for soil release and efficiently prevents synthetic fibers from greying. TexCare® SRN 260 Life works already at cold temperatures and is readily biodegradable. The bio-based origin and the excellent performance make TexCare® SRN 260 Life a perfect ingredient for sustainable laundry products

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