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Quality, Health, Safety and Environment


At Caldic, our highest priority is to ensure the very best possible performance in meeting Quality, Health, Safety and Environmental standards. And we firmly believe that we deliver more to our customers when we implement environmentally safe solutions, create and maintain a zero-incident workplace, and focus continually on quality.


Q stands for quality, and our goal is to distinguish ourselves from the competition through our quality aspirations and achievements. It goes without saying that we constantly strive to improve the quality of the products and services we are currently delivering. But our quality vision is also a long-term vision; using the latest tools and technologies and drawing on the knowledge and experience of our sales, marketing, technical and research people, we are constantly improving the quality of the solutions we offer our customers.

In practice, that means that we

  • Provide training and career development programs to optimise the skills of our employee
  • Strive for the same high level standards at all Caldic companies
  • Make sure that our solutions add value to our partners’ businesses
  • Strive for transparent and pro-active communication both internally and externally
  • Make it a point of honour to do what we say and say what we do!
  • Use our common sense


Caldic’s commitment to environmental responsibility is deeply rooted. We feel we have a moral obligation to choose those solutions that have the least impact on our environment and our planet. And the highest priority of all is to ensure the health and safety of our own employees as well as our partners and customers. It’s a principle that applies to every employee at every location throughout our company, anywhere in the world.

Maintaining the highest standards on health, safety, and the environment not only ensures that we deliver added value to our partners, but also serves as a driver in our quest to outperform the competition and to secure our reputation as a dynamic, future-oriented company. Naturally, we integrate compliance into our processes, knowing that doing the “right” thing is also doing the smart thing for our business and our customers.

At Caldic, HSE means

  • Promoting the safety awareness among our employees
  • Setting examples on HSE performance at the management level and as a company
  • Taking a pro-active approach to safety and accident prevention
  • Pro-actively working to minimise our impact on the environment
  • Working in close cooperation with local authorities
  • Implementing and maintaining good housekeeping practices
  • Investing in a high quality work and production environment

Supplier Code of Conduct

Our company underlines the need of moral and ethical values and we expect our suppliers to respect and adhere to the same philosophy. Therefore, we seek to ensure that all our suppliers operate in compliance with the terms and standards of our Code of Conduct. Compliance to this Code of Conduct is a condition of any agreement or contract between our suppliers and Caldic. The aim of this Code is not to cease the business relationship, but to support our suppliers improve social and environmental standards. Caldic is therefore willing to work with our suppliers to achieve compliance with the provisions of this Code.
We ask all our suppliers to sign our Code of Conduct to indicate that your company accepts to comply with the terms stated.
Please note, that if any conflicts are detected, the supplier must inform Caldic immediately.
For more information and questions regarding our Code of Conduct, please contact your business partner at our local offices.