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Tailor-made Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Market

Tailor-made Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Market

Online webinar

20 October 2021

With a growing and aging population, the demand for highly specialized and novel medicine is increasing. Add to that the challenges related to new viruses and the increase in resistance to antibiotics, the pharmaceutical market is more focused than ever on finding high quality products to deliver medicine safely.

As a trusted partner of the pharmaceutical market, it’s our responsibility to guarantee the highest possible quality of raw materials. We have made significant investments and intensified our focus on cleanroom packaging and sampling solutions to prevent cross-contamination, providing the best possible filling and sampling conditions. Our tailor-made packaging and logistical solutions ensure that you can count on Caldic for your custom requirements. And if molecules are not available in the highest quality or commercial scale needed, we will go the extra mile to offer the specific high-quality solutions you need.

Join us in our upcoming webinar: Tailor-made Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Market and take a closer look at our solutions.

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Dries Segers, Business Development Manager Pharma Europe


Promotion banner of Clean Room Sample booth at Caldic plant in Hemiksem Belgium to promote the Tailor-made Solutions for the Pharmaceutical Market on 13 October 2021


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