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Four glasses containing various smoothies - kiwi, berry, peach and strawberry.

Caldic offers Tate & Lyle’s diverse portfolio of texturants ranging from basic thickening products to products with highly unique functionalities that suit specific product categories. All starches are derived from a variety of botanical food sources, including maize and tapioca. From gelling to emulsifying and thickening, Tate & Lyle texturants can be used across a broad range of applications and processes including yogurt, dairy desserts, baked goods, snacks, soups, sauces and prepared meals.


  • Prevents Crumbling


  • Freeze-Thaw Stable Frozen Meals
  • Easy Dispersion for Thickening Soups and Sauces


  • Rich, Indulgent Texture in Yogurts

Starches and Dextrins

Corn, Waxy Corn, Tapioca and Potato

  • Native & Modified Cooke-Up Starches
  • Instant Starches
  • Traditional Pregelatinized (pregel) Starches
  • Cold Water Swelling Starches
  • Lipophilic Starches
  • Food Grade Dextrins