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PGP International PAC Ingredients

Two glasses filled with a thick rich chocolate pudding topped with a sprig of fresh mint.  There is a long silver parfait spoon to the right of the glasses.

PAC® ingredients offer a natural alternative to the chemical additives and ingredients so frequently used in food preparation. PAC® products offer a cleaner consumer label, while improving the taste and texture of existing or new products.

Benefits of PAC® Products include:

  • No chemical modification
  • Extrusion technology-based processing
  • Low micro and clean label declaration
  • Unique functionality as dough conditioners, viscosity enhancers, fat mimetics, proofing aids, meat tenderizers, low micro fillers and excipients
  • Available organically

PAC GEL® was specifically created to function as a water binding agent, thickener, emulsifier and viscosity control agent with good freeze-thaw stability

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