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A bowl containing enzymatic gruel and a wooden spoon is scooping a portion.

Kerry produces enzymes through fermentation proprietary yeast, bacterial or fungal strains. Caldic’s portfolio of Kerry specialty enzymes can be used in bakery, beverages, confectionary, dairy, meat or in the human and animal nutrition markets.

Kerry Catalyzing Taste and Nutrition

Biobake™ Enzymes for Bakery

  • Clean label solutions
  • Enhanced taste and nutrition processing efficiencies and cost reduction
  • Improved characteristics of baked goods e.g. fresh-keeping, volume and texture optimization

Biovert™ Enzymes for Confectionery 

  • Enhances shelf life by keeping product moist maintaining product moisture and hygroscopic
  • Enhances shelf life by controlling sugar re-crystalization 
  • In soft centered chocolate applications, controlled enzymatic functionality delivers taste and texture
  • Natural delivery of increased product sweetness

Biolactase™ Enzymes for Dairy and Human Nutrition 

  • Hydrolyzed milk and dairy products
  • Milk
  • Converts lactose to glucose and galactose, enabling milk consumption by lactose intolerant people
  • Yogurt – enhances natural sweetness in a cost effective manner
  • Ice cream – gives a creamier, more indulgent texture
  • Prevents sandiness and improves scoopability
  • Concentrated milk products
  • Controls crystalization of sugars and graininess

Amylo™ Enzymes for Fermentation in Brewing Applications 

  • Increases wort glucose levels
  • Unlocks sweetness naturally
  • Improves alcohol yield

Hitempase™ Enzymes for Brewing Applications

  • Reduces mash and cereal extract / wort viscosity
  • Eliminates β-glucan gums and hazes
  • Improves filtration Increases extract yield
  • Compensates for raw material quality and seasonal variations
  • Improves colloidal stability

Promalt™ Enzymes for Brewing Applicaitons and Grain Processing in Animal Feed

  • A single addition of amylase, glucanase, cellulose and protease
  • Improves extract yield and fermentation
  • Gives consistent extract production
  • Improves the nutritional value of animal feeds

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