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Ingredion Non Nutritive Sweeteners

Blue Lemonade

When does zero mean much more than zero? When Ingredion’s non nutritive sweeteners are involved. You can use them to swap out calories for delicious taste. Reduce or eliminate calories entirely and our Caldic innovation experts can help you balance the bulk that’s lost when you remove sugar so you can get every sensation from first bite to swallow...just right.

BESTEVIA™ Reb M stevia leaf sweetener...True sugar like sweetness

  • Sensory testing proves that Reb M stevia is remarkably similar to sucrose in terms of taste
  • Higher intensity
  • 200 to 300 times sweeter than sugar
  • Much cleaner sensory profile than traditional stevia sweeteners
  • Reduce more sugar in your applications

ENLITEN® Reb A stevia sweeteners

  • Sugar like taste profile
  • Fewer calories
  • Simple label 

Stand out in the market with significantly reduced sugar content

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