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An assortment of vividly coloured bananas, strawberries and raspberries.

Consumers are looking for simpler, cleaner ingredient statements. They want to know and understand the ingredients in the food and beverages they consume. The use of natural colors derived from fruits, vegetables and other sources alleviates consumer concerns regarding synthetic food colours. 

Caldic acknowledges consumer demand and have partnered with world-class Principal partners to give you what you require.  Diana is a worldwide leader in concentrates, powders, flakes and pieces made from natural raw fruits and vegetables.  Diana Food carefully selects raw materials including fruits, vegetables, meat and seafood to offer you clean label solutions – They are different from other fruits/vegetable suppliers in the sense that they only have clean label and use Non-GMO products.

Formulation and Application

Diana scientists improve product performance by means of formulations and customized combinations. They work closely with culinary experts who ensure the effectiveness of our functional solutions in all of your food applications:


Muffins, Pies, Loaves, Breakfast Bars, Pancake Mixes, Icings and Crème Fillings


Soups, Sauces, Stuffing, Hummus


Dry Beverage Mixes (alcoholic and non-alcoholic)


Chocolate, Snack Seasonings, Nougat and other Confectionary


Frozen Bars, Frozen Fruit Bars, Ice Cream, and Yogurt

Diana, Food Division Commitment to Animal Welfare

Deeply anchored into its heritage, Diana Food has been developing unique know-how in valorizing chicken by-products into taste and health functional ingredients. A unique positioning on the market that relies on a responsible selection of chicken breeders, high quality standards and food safety guarantees, gentle industrial processing allowing both
preserved organoleptic benefits and convenience to apply for key food industry players.

Driven by a macro-trend of increased demand for more responsible and ethical food, animal welfare has recently appeared as a key concern for consumers. Convinced to have a key role to play in developing sustainable streams, Diana Food has worked jointly with the global NGO, CIWF, to develop a solid Animal Welfare Policy for its Chicken Broiler committing to reach 100% of its supply to be compliant with High Animal standards by 2023 in the United States and by 2026 in Europe.

A new food plant in Georgia, creating natural and responsible chicken-based taste solutions

Based on a strategic investment, Diana Food will operate by the end of the year a new food plant which will deliver clean label and fully sustainable chicken ingredients. Strategically located in the heart of America’s Broiler Belt, the new Banks Crossing facility in Georgia is a place where cutting-edge technology meets our values and our best practices in responsible local sourcing and animal welfare. The site will deliver the American market with chicken broth, fat and chicken meat powder.

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