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We are focused on providing formulation, production and sourcing solutions to companies manufacturing prepared foods, seasonings and flavours, as well as meat & seafood processors.  Add flavour and creativity with our extensive selection of savoury ingredients.

G.S. Dunn Dry Mustard Powders

G.S. Dunn dry milled mustard products are milled from blends of yellow, oriental and brown seeds.  The milled products range includes: Mustard flour, ground mustard, cracked mustard seed, mustard bran, whole mustard see and deactivated yellow mustard products are a 100% natural source of vegetable protein, gluten and cholesterol free, contain 3% Omega 3 fatty acids, are an antioxidant, a good source of selenium and soluble fibre, and are non-GMO, Kosher and Halal certified.
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Kraft Heinz Cheese Powders

Kraft Heinz Ingredients' Cheese Powders are natural cheese-based products that are dried to increase the versatility of use in food manufacturing.  Available at a variety of price points and flavor profiles to fit your formulation needs.
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Ohly is one of the world’s leading suppliers of yeast extracts, yeast based flavours and specialty powders.
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By growing their own tomatoes, Conesa is able to monitor and maintain global standards with regard to quality control and consistency of finished products.  They produce both hot break and cold break powders.


Kerry’s premium cheese powders and pastes deliver authentic taste, improved mouthfeel and enhanced texture. Kerry also has organic and non-GMO project verified cheese and dairy powders suitable for yogurt, cream, butter, sour cream, cream cheese, cheddar, and other cheese varieties.
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Fleischmann’s Vinegar ranges from 5 to 30% acetic acid, and the number one producer of Organic Vinegars in North America.
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Kalsec® is an international leader in the development of spice and herb extracts, natural flavours, colours and antioxidants, for the manufactured food and beverage, nutritional and pharmaceutical markets. 
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SupHerb IQF herbs, blends, pastes and purées – ready to use in all of your savoury food applications.
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The French’s® name stands as a symbol of excellence in food condiments. The French’s line-up of products is available in wet and dry formats, easily enhancing the overall food flavour experience. 

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