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A white plate containing a variety of rolled white cheese and four wedges of blue cheese topped with a bright red strawberry.

Enzymes are natural proteins that act as catalysts for biochemical reactions, providing a wide range of quality improvements in dairy applications. Caldic’s network of global Principals allows us to bring you enzymes that enable you to produce a better product, naturally, more efficiently and consistently.


Kerry offers 50 years of enzyme expertise through the fermentation of proprietary yeast, bacterial or fungal strains.  Caldic’s portfolio of specialty enzymes from Kerry includes those specific to sour cream, cheese and yogurt based applications.
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This Transglutaminase enzyme has been specially formulated to improve the texture and final yield in cheese and yogurt.  Transglutaminase acts on milk by “anchoring” serum proteins to casein and can be applied in all types of rennet cheese (fresh, semi-soft, semi-firm, hard, etc), cheese-type quark and kefir as well as full-fat and skimmed yogurt.

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