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Four glasses containing various smoothies - kiwi, berry, peach and strawberry.

Caldic offers a variety of texturants from world class suppliers to suit your beverage requirements.  We provide hydrocolloids, blended gum systems, starches, dextrins and specialty texturants for a smooth texture and mouthfeel in your beverage applications.


The TIC product line includes individual hydrocolloids, blended gum systems, and other innovative products at the leading edge of hydrocolloid technology.  TIC hydrocolloids and gums emulsify flavours, stabilize protein, suspend particulates, and enhance mouthfeel in your beverage applications. 
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Consumers are thirsting for drinks with more nutrients, improved functionality and pure and simple ingredients. With innovation becoming more fragmented and happening faster than ever, count on Caldic and Ingredion to help you get to market faster with what consumers want.
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Kerry Texturants

Kerry fat powders and creamers simplify manufacturing while not compromising flavour and functionality in your beverage applications.  Kerry's lipid systems are available at various fat content levels of up to 70%.
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PGP International

PGP International, Inc. has developed a variety of rice based functional ingredients for the food industry under the PAC® brand. PAC GEL specifically designed to function as a water binding agent, thickener, emulsifier and viscosity control agent in your beverage applications. 
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