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(Re) Formulations 908-caldic2008-1378
In cooperation with our customers, Caldic offers the development of formulations and re-formulations. We provide you with our chemical, analytical and technical know-how as well as logistics and..
Blending Hydrophobing-
Caldic blends a wide range of chemical products. For solid blends we have ploughshare mixers, spiral mixers and conical mixers available. Liquid products are blended in vessels of..
Diluting 908_caldic2008_506
Caldic dissolves solids in water or organic solvents using powerful stirring devices to produce homogenous solutions. Generally the solutions are filtered and filled in required trading units. Our..
Dispersing Dispersing
If desired, Caldic is able to disperse their or customers products.The dispersions are performed at high solid contents up to 70%.For more information, please contact us.
Drumming 908-caldic2008-452
With our dedicated lines, we are able to repack chemicals into, for example, 200 litter drums. Our dedicated lines guarantee a high efficient and safe filling of drums. We are able to drum..
Emulsifying Emulsifying
Caldic produces mixtures of two or more unblendable liquids resulting in stable water oil/oil water emulsions. Several stirring devices in our liquid production can be used to form the required..
Grinding Grinding2
In case our customers need their products grinded for their special applications, Caldic offers several systems for grinding solids like pin or impact mills. This equipment allows grinding..
Hydrophobing 908-caldic2008-1410
Caldic offers surface treatments for different powders in our solid blending facilities. This treatment improves the chemical stability, increases flowability and helps to obtain a water-repellent..
Mixing 908_caldic2008_102
As being an extra service, Caldic is able to mix a wide range of products and offers the production of diverse mixtures of liquid and/or solid products. For the mixing of solids we have diverse..
Palletizing 908-caldic2008-582
Caldic is able to brake its bulk products. In case our customers would like to receive their products in larger or smaller amounts, we can repack all our chemicals. Our repacking service..
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