The board

Supervisory Board
Caldic has an active Supervisory Board. The constitution of the Supervisory Board ensures broad expertise, in terms of logistics as well as the chemical industry. Consequently, Caldic benefits enormously from the Supervisory Board. The members of the Supervisory Board are Mr J.N.A. van Caldenborgh, Mr B. Vree, Mr R. Willems and Mr. A.B. van den Ende.

Board of Directors
The Board of Directors is closely involved with the company. This involvement is not just the result of many years of experience in a range of activities and layers within the company, but also concerns the processes within the company. This includes promoting a good relationship with employees, genuine interest in procedures at all levels in the company and being actually involved in the business processes: the Board of Directors often visits locations, customers as well as suppliers. The members of the Board of Directors are Mr O.C. van Caldenborgh and Mr B. Witte.

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